What can be shipped safely?

Here you can find a brief overview on shipping dangerous goods locally and abroad.

Are the goods you would like to ship hazardous? This is a very good question. Continue reading to find out what is classified as hazardous goods and how to ensure your shipment meets all the regulatory requirements for a safe and secure shipment.

What counts as dangerous?

Asides from radioactive chemicals, it includes any item or substance that has the potential to harm any person, item, or space in close proximity if not handled with the correct care during it's  transportation. You might be surprised by how many items are classified as dangerous in this way.

Here's how it goes

There are 9 main classes of dangerous goods, as well as a number of sub-classes. Your shipment will have specific requirements for packing, labelling and transporting it, depending on which class it falls under.


Explosive substances and articles

(e.g. flares or firecrackers)


Oxidising substances

(e.g. fertiliser)


Flammable Gas

(e.g. gas bottles or aerosols)


Organic peroxides

(e.g. fibreglass repair kits)


Non-Flammable Gas

(e.g. compressed oxygen)


Toxic Substances

(e.g. pesticides)


Toxic Gas

(e.g. oxygen difluoride)


Infectious Substances

(e.g. blood tests or medical trials)


Flammable Liquids

(e.g. paints or solvents)


Radioactive Material

(e.g. smoke detectors)


Flammable Solids

(e.g. matchsticks)


Corrosive Substances

(e.g. drain cleaner or bleach)


Spontaneous Combustible Substances

(e.g. phosphorus)



(e.g. drain cleaner or bleach)


Substances that emit flammable gas when in water

(e.g. calcium carbide)

Is that everything?

Not quite. If the items you want to ship have any of the following labels, our best advise is to make contact with us, and we'll be able to give you the expert advice you need.

Can I get more information?

If you’re still not sure whether your goods may be deemed dangerous or not, ask the manufacturer or supplier for a Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS). If it contains a UN number, it’s dangerous goods. Otherwise, you can always just contact us.

Is this really necessary?

It's the responsibility of the sender to make sure all dangerous goods are correctly declared. packed and labelled with the correct information and in regulation to the countries of origin, transit and destination.


We'll be able to help you out to ensure that everything is on par.

Okay, so I want to ship dangerous goods?

Get in touch with us and we'll be able to assist as there's no single method or practise for shipping dangerous goods correctly. Contact us below for assistance.




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