Indigo Logistics International

Indigo Logistics are here to take care of all your courier needs with expertise and their ample attention to detail.


INDIGO LOGISTICS began in 1998.


Julie Robinson became the owner in 1999 and has dedicated herself to ensuring that there will always be Human Interaction with Indigo Logistics Clients, however developed and advanced our Automation and On-Line Platforms become.

About the company

The company focuses on the leveraging of courier, distribution and packaging logistics. We provide a full scope of courier services from overnight, economy, same day, road transport and internationals to freight special services.


Indigo Logistics Customer Service

Our primary goal is to tailor a service and price structure to suit your specific needs.

Indigo Logistics intends to remain a small to medium size courier broker, thereby giving personal attention to all clients. As a result of this philosophy, we have gained a reputation amongst our client base for ensuring exceptional customer service and a solid return on marketing distributions, big or small.


Indigo Logistics Key Clients

Indigo has built up a strong portfolio of loyal customers, including a number of blue chip clients. We have not included a boast list here as we have confidentiality agreements with a number of our high profile customers.


BBBEE Compliance

Indigo Logistics has accepted a Level 4 Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment rating,

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