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International Shipping

Customs Clearance

Shipping The Goods

Shipping abroad doesn't involve any rocket science, yet. Get all the info you need here regarding exporting and destinations worldwide.

In order to clear customs, there are certain criteria that needs to be met to keep delays to a minimum. Here we will let you know what to expect.

Depending on what you need to ship. We have all the tips and info to help you get your package to where it needs to be.

Safe Shipping

Understand Pricing

Understand Surcharges

For shipping different types of goods that could be considered dangerous, find all the info you need to ensure the safety of your package and those handling it.

In order to budget correctly, you can see how our prices are calculated here.

Asides from the basic costs there may be additional surcharges depending on where your package needs to go.

Pack Your Shipment

Label your shipment

Calculate size and weight

One of the most important aspects of ensuring your package arrives safely and on time. Risk any delays by packing your parcel correctly with these guidelines and tips.

Where your package is going and how it should get there is all handled through clear labelling. Here you can find more tips from the experts.

One of the main factors to consider is the size and weight of your package in order to get an accurate shipping price. Get all the info you need on how to calculate the size of your package.